Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LAZIO Vs Roma: "Laziale" MOTM Quick Analysis

Great match by Lazio on Sunday.

I really enjoyed to see the "old" likes of Brocchi, Klose, André Dias or Cissé, playing with this kids (Gago, Pjanic, Osvaldo), heads. They were really in.

Klose had a typical class match of his. Holding the possession of the ball with his backs turned to the goal, and then, involved on every single offensive move of Lazio, with or without the ball. And of course, he was there to give the win.

Cissé was pretty great. I watched (well, I downloaded it) the match with ESPN coverage and it's commentator was really annoying and persistent when he was saying that Cissé was having a poor match.... eh, disagree. For his age he's still fast and he can decide quickly. I've had A LOT of chances to watch him for Panathinaikos and I thought he was still the "Superstar", the "Individualist", but heck, he changed a lot. He gave a couple of good balls and on the start of the second half he had the chance to score the 1-1, though, he decided fast enough to make a poor shot. His movements were crucial and when he went to the center, Roma didn't had a chance to breather (also, thanks to Hernanes move to the left side).

Hernanes was Hernanes. He's really top class. No news about it. He's still the same amazing player (wow, it's really rare to see me saying this about anyone), that I watched on his debut for São Paulo. Plays with both feet, and that tells a lot, and then, he is the type of player that can change a match, just like he did for this match.

Brocchi and André Dias were class as well. Dias had the chance to mark Bojan and / or Osvaldo, and he was really good at it. Konko left Osvaldo slip, on his goal, but then Osvaldo rarely did anything except a backheel pass to Angel, major thanks to the Brazilian. Brocchi was fulcral with his positioning and ball distribution. He had the brains and the emotion to control the team. He hold on Gago and Pjanic's youth (though I'de say they are not good as "they" say) and conquered the penalty. Had to leave because an injury, which is sad.

Lulic and Matuzalem substitutions where the culmination of everything. The Bosnian was simply surprising on the left side, helping Hernanes with his maneuvers. And Matuzalem gave a classy-touch to the midfield, full of flair and with that magnificent assist to Klose's goal.

- Roberto Rivelino

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