Monday, February 20, 2012

Alejandro Dominguez Vs Ind. Rivadavia (River Plate 3-0 Rivadavia)

Originally posted by Roberto Rivelino - + Vídeo Compilation

After a tough week, because Chori picked a fight with Cavenaghi during the practice, Alejandro Dominguez presented another show at River Plate's service, this time against Independiente Rivadavia.
Alejandro is a number 10 full of class. We can define him with his bravery, intensity, intelligence, a player with class, mastery and quality.
Full of pace, he made a good connection with Fernando Cavenaghi. "Chori" was close to score after a good free kick, well saved by Independiente's keeper, that sent the ball into a corner. On the segment, Alejandro combined with Cavenaghi, crossing the ball to the area, and after a header, Cavenaghi himself sent the ball to the net. So the book was open.
He was replaced at the 81st minute, but before he made more mess on the opponents defense. Well positioned, on the left wing, alone, he picked the ball at midfield and ran until the net, where he only had to send the ball, with his left foot, to it's back, ending a great performance to Unai Emery's (Valencia's coach, the team that has his rights), and Sabella's (Argentina's NT coach), attention.

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