Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alberto Gilardino - Oscillation - Vídeo Compilation

Alberto Gilardino's Oscillation is my entry for the MKB Compilations Competition, edition 10.
I chose Gilardino for my theme because he has one career that interests me. For once he was Italia's best player (in 2005), and then, his career wasn't so good at all, specially at Milan, where he was overshadowed by players like Inzaghi or Kaká. Then, he managed to put his act together at Fiorentina, where he scored his 200th goal in Serie A and helped them during their Serie A campaigns. Though, in the start of 2011/2012 season his performances weren't getting better and Fiorentina sold him to Genoa in January 2012. There, he helped them to accomplish the goal of remaining in Serie A with 4 goals and 6 assists.
Here is the story of a World Champion (2006), World Club Champion (2007) and Champions League Champion (2006/2007)... Alberto Gilardino!

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