Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reading Vs Tottenham Post-Match Players Performances Analysis by Roberto Rivelino

Tottenham fans have to be happy. It was a good and deserved win.

Everyone seemed to go along and the team work was above all else. The players looked confident with the ball on their feet and at a tactical level they were all together and complemented each other.
Enjoyed Vertonghen's exhibition a lot. He surely could've been the Man of the Match had Defoe not scored those two goals and made that performance.

I was utterly disappointed with Gareth Bale. Missed two good chances and he wasn't even on his level, or what he used us to see. Still, he scored the 0-2 goal, with both feet, and got the ovation as he was replaced.
Sigurdsson was class and surely he will try and make Tottenham fans forget Luka Modric. He even has some resemblances with the Croatian, specially after the pass that opened the Reading defense and gave Lennon the assist for Defoe's first goal. He's composed and seems that the pressure of playing for a bigger team isn't affecting him.

Jermaine Defoe was classic. Scored two goals, but it could've been more. He runned all over the place and ruined Reading's defense as well. He's in a great shape and if Villas-Boas doesn't repeats what he did on Porto (by taking some of the players in form to the bench until they lost their boost - I don't believe he did it on purpose, he's just naive), Defoe will scored more goals than he did on the previous 2 seasons and will keep his feud as one of the best Tottenham strikers. Scored two great goals, with the second being labelled as a Wonder as Defoe picked the ball on half-way line and in the end sent the ball to the net with his left feet. Also he had more shots than any other Premier League player this weekend with 9, boosting his overall tally to a league of 26 this season. Man of the Match. 

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