Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Juventus Vs Parma - Individual Performances Analysis

Heads up, the new season has started in Italy, and so did started to grow the expectations of Juventus fans, specially, after such show against Parma, in which Juve won for 4-1, with goals scored by Lichtsteiner, Pepe, Arturo Vidal and Marchisio, for Juventus and, for Parma, Giovinco scored with a penalty committed by De Ceglie during the extra time, the red card followed Juventus full back, in consequence.

Juventus got their defense tested and Barzagli was the best defender, along with Lichtsteiner. Barza' really worked his body off and had some great tackles and interceptions, but, not only, defensively, he was important on the ball release from the defense to the midfield, with good passes and moves.
Lichtsteiner was really good as well. Lich' has something that Juventus have been missing from long time ago. He can defend and he can attack, and he is really good with the ball on his feet and he is brave and aggressive, which is perfect for a Right Back.
De Ceglie for some part of the match was good. He is really aggressive as well, but though, I think he needs to have more brains, because he has a lot of heart and has improved quite a bit since last season.

On the midfield, well, I could just mention Pirlo and that would do it.
He was amazing. He gave Juve something that they didn't had the chance to see on the last decade or so, maybe since Zidane. And that is flair, technique and class to our game flow.
Sometimes I thought about three things:
1- I wonder how would be this Midfield with Felipe Melo and Diego. Oh hell, that would be amazing. Diego would play so much better with Pirlo supporting his moves, and then Melo learning from Pirlo and doing (almost) the same as him (though, not really comparing both, take notice).
2- Juventus will score many goals with Vucinic and Matri because of him. The ability that he has to put the ball on defenders backs is really remarkable. He did it 10 times (from the top of my head) in this match, though, most of them were to Del Piero, who is not a 26 year-old anymore. Then when Vucinic came on, he (Andrea) served him a lot, but he was really nervous and didn't had a good debut at all.
3- This will have some irony... He reminds me of Busquets for Barcelona. (There's the irony, it should be the contrary) Busquets is like a watch for Barça, and so that will be Pirlo's role for Juventus too. Both turn the game to the left, the team game-play goes to the left, they turn to the right, and the team plays to the right. They are dictators of the rhythm of the match, they are fulcral on their teams because they are the major player in the first phase of game-construction and both are amazing players and I can't imagine Juventus without Pirlo right now.
Marchisio will also learn a lot with Pirlo, though, Pirlo's performance out-shined Marchi's. But I saw a couple of movimentations and skills (and with that I also include passes) that will give, Juve, points.

Then, the attack, and there I'll include Simone Pepe and Giaccherini.
Del Piero was really good, in my opinion, for the time he played. He served Matri really well, specially when Matri hit the post, he made an amazing pass, but not only talking about passes or shots, he was amazingly amazing when it came to the tactical campus. He opened a lot of spaces for Pirlo's balls and to Matri's runs behind the defenders. When Lichtsteiner scored Juve's first goal, I believe Del Piero pushed one or two defenders of Parma, which left Licht alone.
Matri was good. He looked really sharp and I the fact that he got pissed with himself for not scoring, when he got substituted is a good indication. He had some good runs, he hit a ball on the post, "scored" and had some great controls with his chest, receiving passes from Pirlo. He was also majorly helped by Del Piero and I think they will do a great combination during the season, specially if Matri hits the goal many times.
Vucinic was really really average on his debut. I think he will be a great player, but he was a bit nervous indeed. He had a lot of opportunity's and he crumbled. I might be being a bit severe, but I excepted a lot more from him, and that's about it.

Simone Pepe had a good match too. He showed some major improvement from the "narrow-minded" Pepe from Udinese or from the first half of the past season. He worked a lot, helped Lichtsteiner defensively, and had some good passes and scored a good goal. His crosses are terrible, though.
Gia' was a shame. Probably the worst man on the field.

Krasic had a good impact on the match, but honestly, I'm sick and tired of watching him doing the same skill: Ball Roll, followed by a Stepover with his left foot and then a push to his right and run. Every defender in Serie A knows that he makes that every-time and he is becoming more and more predictable with every match.

Arturo Vidal had a good impact on the match, as well, I must repeat. He gave a bit of muscle to the Midfield and his goal was pure class and power. I'm expecting good things from him. 

- Roberto Rivelino

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