Friday, September 16, 2011

Ryan Babel Vs Mainz (Mainz 0-4 Hoffenheim)

- Originally posted by Roberto Rivelino -

Ryan Babel isn't exactly an unknown. With 17 years started to shine and made his debut for Ajax, with the help and hand of Ronald Koeman.
Initially has a Forward, soon enough, it was easy to spot that it wasn't his best function. Therefore, he was "moved" to the Wing because he was able to create chances, though, as a Forward, he missed most of them. And it was in the Wing that the saga of dribbles and runs of Ryan Babel started to gave the spectators of the Amsterdam Arena a good feeling and the fame of his football started to grow, and soon, in 2005, he was called for the National Team of Holland. Two years later, Liverpool would buy him.

At Anfield, Babel had very highs and lows and, the "lows" had the major emphasis. Constantly praised by legends, such as Kenny Dalglish, who was his coach for only 6 days, because Babel wanted to "new fresh air" and so, despite Kenny's guarantee that he wouldn't move, Babel went to Germany to sign for Hoffenheim. In 6 months he became one of the favorites from the crowd and, in that (past) season (2010-2011), he had 1 goal scored in 15 matches.

Against Mainz, Ryan Babel gave the reasons and more than reasons, for every adjective and compliment delivered to him.
Started playing on the right side, but with the match development, he was either on the left side, or at Second-Striker, behind Roberto Firmino, the first goal scorer. Protecting the ball with his body (1,83m for 77kg), it was a constancy to see him doing the "sombrero" or the "step-over" skill and he had the "icing on the cake" with a brilliant goal! In velocity, "exploded" from the defender's back, by William's pass, dribbled Popech (the defender already beaten before) and Noveski before hitting the ball into the right inferior corner of Müller's net. 8 minutes after, at 82', he got replaced to hear an ovation on the opponents stadium.

With 24 years he is, certainly, one player to have in check. Babel one pure example that, sometimes, it's needed to go one step back, to give two in front.

- Roberto Rivelino

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